Adirondack Half-Marathon

I know, I know – its been a while since I posted. It had also been a while since I ran, to be honest. After the New Paltz Half Marathon, I went into full-on “I’ve accomplished a Half Marathon, I get to veg-out” mode. Bad Idea. I had already, as some of you might recall, signed up for the Adirondack Marathon. Now, at the time, my intentions were to continue on with my training passed the 13.1 miles and onto 26.2. That was quickly de-railed by enjoying one too many hot dog. I may have been a rollie-pollie but I still had my integrity. I wasn’t going to back out of that run. I was more than fine with shortening it though. I figured, all things in moderation right? I called up the folks who set up the Marathon and asked if I could do the half instead. They quickly switched my registration over, phew. TJ still stuck with his Marathon distance though. As he does :)

I quickly realized I have to put the fork down and get off my couch if I was going to do another Half in …9 weeks! So I started fresh. 3 miles here, 4 miles there. Slowly upping the ante. It helped that I met Cassie Egan and her sister Heather who were PUMPED to run. mind you, WITH ME! WOOT! So I started running with Cassie and Heather regularly. It really does help to have a standing appointment you can’t bail out of. I think mainly it was my pride. I didn’t want them to think I was a quitter. So I made it, more-or-less to each run-date we made. (This is embarrassing but the ones I […]

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BIG NEWS!!! Guided Bike Tours of the Scenic Delaware River

Ridgeback Sports is now offering Guided Bike Tours of the Scenic Delaware River, as well as Basic and Premium Bike Rentals! You can sign up in-store, over the phone, or even on our website!!!! Check it out, and LET’S RIDE!!!!!


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Sullivan County Democrat Article

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My First Half Marathon: Complete!

So, I did it! With the amazing support of TJ (running with me the entire time,) of course. I couldn’t have done it without him. Here’s a breakdown of events, in order of occurrence:

First, let’s talk about the day before. The entire day before the half marathon, I was overcome with all kinds of crazy emotions. I was irritated, nervous, felt like I wanted to cry, angry, scared, excited – to the point of scared…you name it, I felt it. For NO GOOD REASON. Let’s be honest, once I ran the 12.5 miles the week before, I felt like I had this. I knew I could run the 13.1. What freaked me out was that I had heard mixed reviews on the course. Some said it was a hilly course, that New Paltz was a hilly place. Others said that it was flat and mostly paved. The race website described it as (and I’m going to paraphrase here,) “a trail through the woods with some pavement.” Now, with no description of the elevation, you can see how I was thinking, “there’s a reason they’re avoiding talking about it.” Call me paranoid, but when I have to wake up at 4:00am to make it to a race starting at 7:30am in a place I’ve never been to, I get a little coo-coo, clearly. Me=not a morning person. Anyway, emotions ran high that day. At the end of it, I think it was just my “wall.” Except this one wasn’t mid-run so it caught me completely off guard and I played into it instead of talking myself out of that place and into positivity. Hey, lesson learned. I now know that this might be coming the […]

Half Marathon in New Paltz, NY on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16th)

Hi All,

I, Stefanie Johnson, will be running my first Half Marathon this weekend in New Paltz, NY. For those of you who know me, you know I’ve never been the “running type” before. As in ever. You also know, however, that since meeting my husband, TJ, things have changed for the better. Not only did I run a 5K, which I never thought possible, nor had I tried since the 6th grade, I LOVED every minute of it. Yes, I cried at the end, and yes, I dramatically (and unnecessarily) “collapsed” at the end of it. I also looked at TJ and exclaimed: “That’s it, I’m going to be a runner. I want to do that all.the.time!” ¬†And so, my story begins…(I apologize in advance for how long this might end up. I have a lot to say about this process, and I want to make sure you get all the “deets.”)

Let’s start with TJ. He’s been an avid runner – nay, athlete – since before I met him. The first race he did after we had met was the North Face 50 mile endurance race in Bear Mountain. For those of you who have never heard of it, its basically one of the hardest races North Face has. Naturally, I was drawn to how “hard core” my husband-to-be was. It was inspirational! Fast forward to this past year. He signed up for his first triathlon ever, that took place on May 4th in Bethel, NY. Not only was this his first tri, he decided to do a Half Ironman distance,which was basically as intense as you could get with this race. The water that morning was 55 degrees (a.k.a freezing, if you’re swimming […]

The George Quinn skateboard competition

The George Quinn skateboard competition was a success!!! A little rain didn’t stop us! We just took the comp under a roof!! Big shot out to all the competitors and fans! Thank you for coming out, throwing down siiick tricks and showing your love to the Quinn family! Fusco was the winner and took home the GQ belt with sone sweet prizes!!! See you all next year at the annual GQ event in Callicoon NY!

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Breaking News!!!

This Thursday JUNE 6th Ridgeback Sports will be co/hosting with Dylan Smith a skateboarding event at the delaware youth center in Callicoon NY. The event was created in memory of George Quinn. He was an amazing kid in the community who’s life was ended to short on his way back home from the skate park! Come down to the youth center thursday and show your support! Lets show his family that he will never be forgotten and the community cares! The festivities will begin at 3pm and our friendly fun skateboard competition starts at 5pm. Prizes, food, and great times! Bring your skateboard or just bring yourself.

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Woodstock Triathlon at Bethel Woods this Saturday!!!

Come support Thelonious as Team Ridgeback Sports at the Woodstock Triathlon at Bethel Woods this Saturday!!! We’ll be hard to miss in custom Ridgeback gear:) and don’t forget to come join us for the after PARTY at Matthew’s On Main in Callicoon after, starting at 5pm with specialty Ridgeback drinks!

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The Last Hard Workout

The Last hard workout before this Saturdays race and Rocking a custom Ridgeback TRI suit!

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